PUBG breaks video game links in India with Tencent within a week of the ban

The starring multimedia game maker PlayerUnknown's Battleground (PUBG) had also cut ties of Tencent in India again when Delhi banned China-linked apps.

PUBG breaks video game links in India with Tencent within a week of  the ban

PUBG Mobile has been one of 118 Chinese apps banned by the Indian Government on national security threats.

Development company PUBG Corporation said that it would assume responsibility for the publication in India in an attempt to get its game returned. That's not fairly obvious whether that will suffice to reverse that decision.

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"In view of recent developments, PUBG Corporation decided not to authorise the Pubg business to Gameloft in India any longer," the designer said in a statement.

Tencent verified the transition would not affect its collaborations with PUBG Corporation in many other markets.

India was PUBG's largest market, with more than 175 million uploads to date until the game was blacklisted.

India is its biggest market, with over 175 million downloads, account for approximately a quarter of total international downloads, Sensor Tower said. The ban on the PUBG app even affects the limited but burgeoning broadcasting of India's game, as well as the professional gaming industry. Everything just accounted for roughly a fifth of downloads from the game worldwide. Many assume the move could help PUBG Corporation revive the Indian game. Several Chinese apps are looking to get back into business after India began banning Chinese apps in the light of diplomatic relationship with China. Santosh Pai explained that he thinks that India was using a good tactic and that banning apps has caused economic uncertainty it also has the numbers to make things happen.

India's IT ministry tried to claim this week that its decision to suspend the applications was based on "valid information" that it is now acting against both the welfare of the nation. And said it had done receive many concerns from "different sources," along with several reports about "misappropriation of some of the mobile apps available on Android and iOS platforms to grab and suddenly transfer user data in an Unauthorized way for servers located outside of India.

The action came against confrontations at the backdrop of a contentious Himalayan border. In June both India and China dispatched more soldiers to both the Ladakh region as well as conflicts left at least twenty Indian civilians killed.

Also verified last week by Call Duty Mobile development company Activision, it was becoming the best organization to component with Tencent.
Activision has said that the decision was linked to orders from US President Donald Trump that prohibited US firms from transacting business with Tencent and its subsidiary companies.

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