What the acquisition of Bethesda from Microsoft means for PC gamers

The PC Gamer community is reacting to maybe 2020 's largest game reviews.

What the acquisition of Bethesda from Microsoft means for PC gamers

Microsoft recently reported the purchase of ZeniMax Media, Bethesda Softworks' holding company, which owns the studios famous for The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Doom, Dishonored, among many, many more. But while it's no random occurrence that a gaming game was to be launched by Microsoft, both Bethesda and Microsoft are indeed big PC players.

Mega-corporations are all over it because that is not in the best interest of the customers.

Though latest release has most of us here worried about the potential of Fallout: New Vegas 2, it's hard to think of several monopoly power in history that has benefited the customer once a business has a full tight grip on a market. this is a rather monopoly that Microsoft is creating between modern most beloved popular games and distributors.

For almost every way, a business with an unthinkably significant amount of money eating up every mega-corporation doesn't really sit well enough with everyone, and Microsoft doesn't really spend $7.5B to preserve the gaming world since it is.

This sounds like a power play on the console, and that will probably wind up meaning something a little more.

The scheduling here is remarkable; a big purchase by one of the biggest console manufacturers revealed the day before the new Xbox's pre-orders goes on order. It's a major power play with dicks, and one which is likely to do some harm. The inference here seems to be that this will not be on PS5 for the next Elder Scrolls match.

QuakeCon 2021, presented to you through the Microsoft

Microsoft owns Doom already. And Software I d. That seems suitable at once, provided the intertwined past of the businesses back in the very early golden age of floppy discs and shareware, but also completely weird, like with the biggest metalhead of every high school marrying the rich girl 20 years later. Doom and Quake are indivisible symbols of PC gaming, but both feel secure in the possession of Microsoft, at minimum for now, which has now been inspired to handle the PC well over the last five years.

Microsoft had to do something to remove the lack of exclusivity.

This seems like a brute strength attempt to regain the importance of Microsoft's 1st group studios. Perhaps one the teammates found when grinding Lake of Shadows this weekends that there's not a single unique game on Xbox that would push everyone to purchase an Xbox Series X over a PlayStation 5.

Nice for Xbox Game Pass, but if you're concerned about monopolies !! 

Microsoft also gained itself a bit more credibility through Xbox Game Pass, which remains an extremely good value, although with the latest cost increase. The idea of even more huge games by some of the largest and best developers around was not something which's starting to achieve us screw up everyone's nose.

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